Spare a thought for the social media managers in your life for they’ve had a year like no other.

2020 asked us all to adapt, and quickly, and our call to create informative, engaging content was never more important or vital as it was this year. The ever evolving and constant news cycle mixed with our complete change in lifestyle saw us online more than ever and in the absence of cinemas, pubs, restaurants and more we looked for our escapism and entertainment virtually. As our behaviours shifted, so did our Wireless station’s social platforms, websites and podcasts and they proved to be a vital avenue, alongside our broadcast business, to connect with our audiences in times of crisis and as we move to a new way of living. 

By creating and choosing the right content shared at the key times we broke records for engagement across all our platforms throughout the year. With an average of 15 million engagements across Facebook monthly (Source: FB Analytics) our audiences aren’t passively interacting with our brands- they are actively consuming and reacting to the content daily. On a monthly basis we have an average of over 40,000 interactions per month on Instagram (Source: CrowdTangle,) proving that people are liking, commenting, sharing, viewing and listening to our online content more than they ever have before. 



Over the course of the year we saw record breaking traffic to our station’s websites, with pageviews up over 105% year on year.  The importance of our Irishness broke through the endless stream of news as user generated content as well as stories like Fungi the Dolphin and drove thousands of people to click through to our sites from our social channels. 


In the year of the Staycation, our video-led campaign with Failte Ireland had a reach over 500,000 and saw us exploring some of the best most treasured parts of Dublin. As Instagram continues to grow and worldwide 500 million people monthly open the Stories and Explore features (Source: Hootsuite),  we gave our IG pages a shiny new look and feel as well as new features like Tea Talks and more. This year we shared more content there than ever before- through the Grid, Stories and Reels. As we grow as content providers and producers, our audiences grow with us with Instagram up over 30% this year and Facebook growth at 20% (CrowdTangle.) With 800 million active users on TikTok (Source: Hootsuite), we too are keeping a close eye on our Gen Z audience on the exploding app and saw over 2.5 million views on our content via FM104


In 2021 we will continue to make all our online destinations a place for quality content that engages our listeners and followers.User generated content will be an integral part of our strategy as we tell the stories that matter to us most. By acting as ambassadors and facilitators we will showcase those stories through branded hashtags with video continuing to be at the forefront. As we cross our fingers that we’ll all meet again soon, emotion and heart will be at the center of those stories when we shift to another new way of life. And most importantly we will use the skill we fine tuned in 2020- the ability to adapt and reinvent-as we enter the new year. 
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