The latest Kantar Grocery research has shown just how people have adapted to the forced change of being at home by trying to recreate traditional socialising experiences.


Unsurprisingly we’ve seen a massive increase in grocery spends from the 4 weeks to 19th April with €196 million more spent (+23%) on groceries than last year.

92 million more packs (+19%) have been added to shopping baskets as people shop less often but are buying more items and items they previously wouldn’t have.


So just what are people buying and what experiences are being replicated?


Missing Brunch Bunch

Sales of traditional brunch favourites bacon and eggs are up over 33% as people try to replicate that weekly treat of a brunch date.


Budding Bakers

Anyone who follows even the smallest amount of social media won’t be surprised to see a 52% increase in the sale of baking ingredients as people try to up their “sourdough and share” game.


Local Landlords

Nielsen reported that in the four weeks to April 5th alcohol off-sales were up nearly 40% in Ireland as people brought the pub to their home. Beer and stout topped the increases with wines also showing strong increases.


Garden Grillers

A mixture of the good weather and restaurant closures have led to a sales increase of 44% in BBQ meats as the summer grilling season begins early.


Aspiring Chefs

Having to eat in seven nights a week has sparked the cooking creativity in the household as more adventurous diners have led to a 41% increase in the sale of ethnic ingredients.


Movie Moguls

With straight to home movies like Trolls 2 as well as increases in subscriptions for Netflix and Disney+ it’s important to have that full cinema experience as highlighted by a 63% increase in popcorn sales and an overall increase in treats in the weekly shopping trolley.


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Source : Kantar Media, Nielsen


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