At this week’s AdWeek event Kantar released some interesting data on European consumers’ core motivations since COVID.

The study looked into the current motivations and attitudes of consumers and identified three main trends :

  1. Seeking a simpler life – consumers are finding greater appreciation of quiet times, slowing down, spending more time with family and friends and focusing on the essentials in life.
  2. Proceeding with caution – there is definitely an underlying feeling of uncertainty for the future.
  3. In pursuit of pleasure – being more self indulgent.

Life has slowed down in lockdown and there has been an appreciation and drive of mindful creativity from home cooking, gardening and artistic endeavours. There appears to be no rush to deviate immediately from this as people tread carefully towards their new found freedom rather than rushing back to life as it was.


 Grocery research from their Household Panel data suggest purchases are less frequent but on each visit people are spending more on more luxury items. The beauty and personal care sector have seen shifts with increased focus in hygiene and a reduction in beauty and perfume. We are seeing a more controlled spending approach with make up being scaled back and a bigger concentration on self care and pampering. 



Entertainment at home is key and it’s digitally enabled, Kantar research from the UK in November 2020 found that 84% of respondents stream video on demand. This has massive implications for food, beverage and alcohol clients as 88% said they snack while streaming. 

People are also craving the latest and greatest in terms of home entertainment equipment with 19% saying they plan to upgrade their equipment in the next six months. Esports has been brought into the mainstream and no longer just the realm of the young . We are now seeing recognised brands like Gillette, Coca Cola, Mastercard and Nike sponsoring these assets, not just gaming manufacturers.

It’s paramount that brands understand that consumers have new habits and new behaviours. Brands need to adapt, stay relevant and ensure their strategy of staying connected with the consumer is seamless and that they add to their experience through the content and communication channels they use to engage with their audience.

Consumers expectations have increased, they expect a service that is frictionless. They expect accessibility to your product 24/7 not only for purchase but also for engagement and interaction whether it be human or AI. A recent Zendesk study revealed 40% of respondents believe 24/7 support is the most important aspect of a good consumer experience.



It could be argued that it’s never been more of a challenge to engage correctly with consumers but we know the best brands, and best businesses, turn challenge into opportunity.


Source : Kantar, Zendesk


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