A recent conversation on the excellent Ad Week 2020 event brought up the question of audio as the new social. Chelsea Campell from Pandora and James Clarke from Frito-Lay discussed this as well as other thoughts around audio in the current environment.

Clarke believes audio is seeing a second renaissance in terms of the resurgence and revitalisation of the media, with digital streaming taking off and an increased trend in time spent with podcasts. This has led to increased investment and a lot more testing of copy to determine what’s working well. Research into ad copy is a big part of getting the right results, something we probably lack in the Irish market.
He also pointed to agility and personal delivery as key points in driving the success. A quicker turnaround on production and the lighter commitment on spend versus other media has led to audio becoming an integral part of their media mix.
The enhanced measurement and data capabilities make digital listening very attractive. This includes capabilities like personalised voice control and the launch of voice-activated ads which allow a two way dialogue with consumer and brand. This has massive potential with the ability to connect and humanise brands and was recently used to good effect by Doritos. 



We can learn a lot from social in how we develop audio further :
  • Personalised content for the consumer will be key.
  • New ad formats such as voice control features will continue to build new interactive opportunities for the medium.
  • Increased podcast listening is a very real trend that brands are interested in. Podcasts are where the social conversations are happening, it’s a different level with full on opinion, a much deeper and richer content environment unlike social which can be tainted as superficial at times. Podcasts provide the fluid conversation and discussion that can make a real difference and brands want to be part of that.
  • And finally agility, social is quick to turn around as is audio, being able to react quickly to a constantly changing environment and connecting with consumers changing emotions is necessary, never more so than in 2020.



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Source : Ad Week 2020

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