What are the potential trends facing us when we get back to the “new” normal?

reliance on tried and tested brands; a rise in DIY at-home skills; more familiarity with digital offerings; flexible work arrangements and a prioritising of safety over privacy. 

 Others include:

Virtual status symbols

Younger consumers and video gamers have long embraced virtual goods: we can now expect the coronavirus crisis to push the recognition that virtual goods can be genuine status symbols into other industries and demographics.


Mental wellbeing 

Even before COVID-19 triggered a global public health crisis and raised fears of a deep economic slump, people were facing rampant inequality, always-on social competition, the looming existential threat of the climate crisis and much more. Any organisation that can help improve people’s mental wellbeing will be welcomed with open arms.


The next direction for online shopping is interactive experiential and in real time. The recent crisis has seen the Chinese live streaming market grow even bigger, and this mix of entertainment, community and commerce will raise ecommerce expectations around the world.

Source: TrendWatching


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