A recent survey conducted by Ipsos MRBI highlighted the significant levels of listening to the radio during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Topline results showed 91% of all 15+ adults tuning in over the past week and 96% tuning in over the past 4 weeks.

The survey also examined changes in how radio was consumed since lockdown and the closure of schools. Understandably the restrictions have led to a reduction in “in car listening” with 48% saying they were spending less time listening in the car. With a massive cohort being confined to their home, the poll also found significant numbers listening at home – 72% say they spent more or the same amount of time listening to radio at home. As our homes become more and more connected, mobile devices and smart speakers are being used by radio listeners with 43% and 29% respectively saying they spend more / same amount of time listening to radio on these devices.

The survey also highlighted some of the key reasons people are tuning into radio in such high numbers. 48% of people stated their number one reason for tuning in was to get news and information. Music (26%), up to date COVID-19 Information (21%) and discussion and debate (11%) also featured strongly in people’s thought processes for tuning in to radio.

Where radio scored highly with consumers was around connection and trust, with the poll showing a connection score of 7.5 out of 10 for radio. The trust score at 7.9 out of 10, was the highest score alongside TV for all adults, but ahead of all platforms among the crucial 25—44 age demographic.

This data tracks in line with the increased listenership we’ve seen across our network of stations where we’ve seen a year on year increase of 81% in online listening hours and 79% in active streams versus April last year. It also links to our social media platforms which seem to use the strength of our radio brands to engage in a way others can’t on social media.

Radio has always been a space for conversation, one that allows listeners to use their voice to share their experiences, opinions and moments in their lives. We can see a clear extension of that within our social media platforms. In the month of April the conversation was alive and well across our stations Facebook pages with over 325,000 comments. That audience also shared our content over 340,000 times in just 30 days. Our social media platforms are also driving significant traffic to our web pages as our audience look both for a trusted source of information and some light entertainment to get through this current crisis. Across April page views were up by 239% and unique visits by 235% highlighting the numerous touch points we have with our audience. 
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