Why is radio so strong in the midst of this pandemic?

We’ve seen massive increases year on year on our digital stream listening hours up by +61%. Engagement on our websites has also grown significantly with total website pageviews up by 168%. Below are some of the reasons why people are tuning in to radio.

  • People are looking for news content they can believe in. There is a massive amount of false news circulating and radio provides a platform for factual news content through its audio and digital platforms.

  • An escape from all the doom and gloom. Whilst demand is high for COVID-19 stories,  the overwhelming majority are experiencing an overload of pandemic content and looking for  “light hearted and humour based content” as well as “content completely unrelated to the virus” ,which radio continues to provide.

  • A trusted friend.  Radio represents a connection to the real world that listeners gravitate towards and crucially trust. This is reflected in our surge in social and digital listening statistics.

  • Connecting with a community in a time of need.  Whether it’s for local news, a place to listen to what is happening, to connect with community members, simply finding out which essential retailers are open for business or staying up to date with vital government announcements, radio is continuing to fill those needs for consumers everywhere. 

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Source : Adswizz & Google Analytics (March 19 v March 20) 

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