A major cross station, cross platform partnership with FIAT led to record interest and engagement for FM104.

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About the Client and Campaign

Fiat Logo
FIAT came to us to launch their avant-garde, technology savvy SUV with iconic Fiat 500 design..

We enlisted FM104 personality and self-confessed petrol-head, Nobby, co-host of The Strawberry Alarm Clock.

  • Drive awareness of the FIAT 500X SUV across Ireland
  • Increase sales post-launch

On Air Activity

Presence in all FM104 daytime shows in pre-promotion, gameplay and post-game play activations was further fueled by substantial engagement across all digital and social assets throughout the partnership.

  1. FM104 FIAT 500X SUV Ad 0:30
  2. FM104 - FIAT Post-Promotion 0:41

Online & Digital

All 40k FM104 VIP Club members got the chance to enter directly from their inbox. This led to 3524 online entries – the highest online entry FM104 have ever experienced for a major station promotion .

FM104 Fiat Email Screenshot showing dark red Fiat 500X

Nobby from FM104’s Strawberry Alarm Clock, a self-confessed petrol-head, reviewed the FIAT 500X SUV for The Buzz.

The promotion continued on FM104’s Facebook page and across other digital assets:

Live On Air and Online Final

Nobby from FM104’s Strawberry Alarm Clock, camera crew in tow, surprised our lucky winner at work in a Facebook live broadcast.

The sight of Laura winning her Fiat 500X live garnered massive amounts of comments and major interest.

Overall Results
  • Combined Reach » 521,723
  • Combined Views » 123,546/li>
  • Combined Reactions » 3,698