GetSetGo, the car insurance brand by MCL InsureTech Ltd, has introduced a brand refreshment, unveiling a host of innovations aimed at revolutionising the insurance landscape in the process,  at the core of GetSetGo’s recent evolution is a wave of rewards that promises to transform the way policyholders engage with their car insurance. The appointment of Rob Kearney, a prominent figure in the world of rugby, symbolises the brand’s transformational “game changing” ethos. 

To help with the brand refreshment and to help highlight that GetSetGo is a game changing insurance provider, they have recently started a multi-station partnership with urbanmedia across weekend sports shows. This exciting initiative means whether you’re tuning in for the latest scores, in-depth analysis, or just to catch up on your local GAA results, GetSetGo will be right there with you. Allowing the brand to get into the fabric of station programming with local voices that are trusted by the community and with strong combined listenership across select main urban centres of Ireland. 

These stations include Q102, Galway Bay FM, WLRFM, and C103, each providing their regional listeners with engaging sports coverage, covering sports such as Dublin District School League to the All Ireland Championship and everything in between, local sports content is key which has massive interest to the local communities.

To complement their radio sponsorship, GetSetGo Insurance is also running a robust digital audio campaign. They have partnered with talkSPORT, ensuring that sports lovers who listen to digital broadcasts won’t miss out on their message. The flexibility afforded across this medium allowed us to target by region, with a focus on sports and hitting specific daypart to capture listeners’ highest listening hours. This approach maximises extended reach, ensuring that whether you’re listening via traditional radio or streaming online, GetSetGo Insurance is a name you’ll become familiar with. The use of multiple media delivery channels amplifies the campaign’s impact, reaching listeners wherever they are and however they choose to listen. 

In addition to their sponsorship and digital audio presence, GetSetGo Insurance is also leveraging digital display advertising to further support their campaign. Their ads are strategically placed to catch the eyes of sports fans as they browse our stations website sports pages across talkSPORT or more local sports news on the likes of Q102, C103, WLRFM, & Galway Bay etc, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand presence across multiple platforms. This multifaceted approach ensures that Get Set Go brand message is seen and heard by a diverse and widespread audience, but also offers click through opportunities to GetSetGo, which is only available online. 

Using as many touch points as possible across this partnership is driving a broadcast message across our listeners and helping GetSetGo achieve their goals.

“Our partnership with urbanmedia reflects GetSetGos dedication to being a game changer in the insurance industry,” said Stephen Lamb, Director, Ikon Media.

“By engaging with local sports coverage and leveraging multiple media channels, we aim to build a strong connection with urbanmedia’s audience, and this allows us to do this in a meaningful way.”  

GetSetGo Insurance is committed to providing comprehensive, affordable, and user-friendly insurance solutions. By sponsoring sports shows across multiple stations, they are not only promoting their brand but also showing support for the local sports community, highlighting their game changing messaging. Partnerships like these benefit both the sponsor and the sponsored. For GetSetGo, it means increased brand visibility and alignment with the values of sportsmanship and community.

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