Pride Vibes is back for 2023 and it’s bigger than ever as it broadcasts live on FM

The Pop Up Radio Station that celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community returns for 2023 with a brilliant lineup of LGBTQIA+ talent. L-R Stefano Pappalardo (GCN), Ryan Reid, Ellen Hudson, Alexander Glover (Zenith Media), Gemma Kavanagh (Core Sponsorship) Thomas Crosse (Pride Vibes Presenter) Brian McCarthy, Grá Ryan (Wireless Ireland/urbanmedia) Emma Dornan (Belong Read more…

The Podcast Generation

So who are the podcast generation and what do we know about them? Sound Affects 2 – Audio Revival tells us that 41% of adults in Ireland and 67% of 18-34 year olds listen to a podcast on a weekly basis making the podcast generation an important part of the audio landscape.

Trust is Critical

Another key theme to come out of Sound Affects 2 was that trust is critical when it comes to why audio is so popular. It’s clear that audio builds close relationships with its listeners and that trust plays a key part in those relationships.

The Power of Choice

This week, as part of our deep dive into some of the key findings from our Sound Affects 2 – Audio Revival research series, we’re looking at the power of choice in audio.

Radio is Still King

For the next number of weeks our bulletin will take a deeper dive into some of the key findings from our Sound Affects 2 – Audio Revival research series. This week we’ll focus on the first of the six themes that came out of the research – that radio is still king when it comes to audio choice.

Under The Tree

With Christmas just around the corner, we asked our friends in The Studio what to expect this festive season. From early planners to big spenders, we examine the trends of Christmas 2021.