Let us prove how effective radio can be as a vehicle for SME growth

A campaign we recently created for a young Irish food company Boutique Bake shows just how effectively radio and digital work together to build a brand

  • 62% of people have gone online after hearing a radio advert

  • 83% of people who went online after hearing a radio advert also said they looked out for the product in a shop

  • Brand Awareness for Boutique Bake grew by 175% over the campaign

  • Unique Users to BoutiqueBake.ie grew by 134% while the campaign was active

  • Through the Till Sales grew by 189% during the month of the campaign

The campaign, which was active for 4 weeks in September of 2016, ran in conjunction with a specially commissioned study by Amárach Research titled Understanding the Relationship between Radio and Digital. The campaign was active across the radio, digital and social assets of the radio brands that urbanmedia represents.

The research demonstrated the incredibly strong relationship between radio and digital with 62% of people saying they had gone online after hearing a radio advert. Of those who went online, 89% said that they went directly to an advertisers’ website. Even more significantly, 83% of those who went online to find out more said that they followed this up by looking for the product in a shop.


These findings were proven in our case study as we saw a 175% increase in brand awareness and 96% increase in purchase intent for Boutique Bake, from the levels measured prior to the campaign. There was also an increase of 134% in unique users to the Boutique Bake website during the month of the campaign and a staggering 189% increase in sales through the retail till in Tesco.

Catherine Buggy, founder of Boutique Bake commented:

“The campaign had a hugely positive impact on my business even outside of the obvious increases in sales and awareness. The first big benefit was in my relationships with my various retail buyers. The campaign has also helped to build the credibility of the Boutique Bake brand name amongst new customers.

As a relatively new food business in a category with some well established brands, the value of this is key and will be a long term benefit of having been involved with such a successful campaign”

Gerard O’Neill, Chairman of Amárach Research said:

“We run a number of tracking studies for brands to measure the impact of their marketing activities on awareness, cut through etc. The findings from the urbanmedia study are some of the most impressive that we have seen in recent years when it comes to shifts in attitudes and in sales performance.

What is exciting about the urbanmedia study is that it shows the combined impact of multi-channel communications on consumer engagement and retail uplift at a time when most advertisers and their agencies are seeking a new way to measure the effectiveness of their omnichannel strategies”.

Brian McCarthy from urbanmedia added:

“If we’re to expect our clients to invest with us, it’s our responsibility to prove how effectively we can build campaigns for them and the results presented today showcase just how effective we can be.

Our campaign with Boutique Bake and Amárach Research has shown dramatic increases in sales, brand awareness and online activity and more importantly helped take a brilliant small Irish business to the next level, something we’re very proud to have been a part of.

It also gives our clients some real life metrics to justify their investment with us, knowing that it is providing a significant return.”

Brian McCarthy

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