It was mid-February and FM104’s S&P manager, Hannah Cassidy, came into work with a glint in her eye and an idea to go big! That was the first day FM104 officially began working on one of the biggest productions of 2024 so far: The Quid Games.

Quid Games was FM104’s response to Netflix series “Squid Game” a survival drama series that took the streaming world by storm with its gripping storyline and intense competition that quickly became a cultural phenomenon.

In the first 4 weeks it had 1.65 billion hours streamed- making it Netflix’s No. 1 show of all time. Inspired by the success of “Squid Game”, “Squid Game – The Challenge” is a reality competition series based on the hit show. In its release week it was the most-watched show globally on Netflix, with 85.7 million hours. It reached No. 1 in 74 countries that same week.

Given the immense popularity of both Squid Game and The Challenge, FM104 took the opportunity to leverage this trend by launching a Squid Games-inspired promotion.

The idea was simple: 104 contestants, 1 winner of €20,000!

This marketing initiative for FM104 was turned around within a very narrow lead time. However, before we knew it, posters were created for an OOH campaign across Dublin, video promos were in the can and tracksuits and face masks were being delivered. FM104 was going to bring their listeners a unique competition experience.

The campaign was teased on air at the start of February to create the talkability around the activation. Pre Promotion ran for a week leading into the recruitment phase across onair, onstreet and social. The response was overwhelming, with thousands of eager listeners signing up to partake in the games and be in with a chance to walk about €20,000 richer.

The first 104 participants were finalised, and preparations were underway to transform the Helix into the ultimate battleground.

The games kicked off at 11 o’clock on the 2nd of March with a game of rock-paper-scissors, followed by TikTok, Line up, Heads or Tails, Connect Four, What’s in the Box, and Jumbo Jenga.

By half-past 4, there were 2 left standing Jennifer and Jane. With hands trembling and brows glistening with sweat, they faced off in a nerve-wracking game of Jumbo Jenga to claim the grand prize.

The teeth-shattering game lasted 25 minutes before Jane said goodbye to €20,000 as the bricks tumbled around her.

That was it, Jennifer had just won herself €20,000! The atmosphere was booming as she jumped across the room in happiness.

Be sure to check out the full video uploaded on YouTube to see how the whole day turned out.

The heartfelt reaction of Jennifer’s father to her big news was one you have to see. It was exactly what you expect a dad to say after she finds out you won €20,000 on a game of Jenga.

The campaign delivered on all fronts, the on air element hit 30% of 25-44 year olds across Dublin, and was supplemented by a targeted out of home and press campaign. Throughout the campaign, video content views soared while digital listener figures reached new heights. Across the campaign impressions reached over 3.7 million.

FM104 Quid Games with Graham & Nathan

This won’t be FM104’s last adventure…the words of Sang-woo from the original series rings true, “We’ve already come too far to end this now.”

Dublin’s Q102, announced an exciting & exclusive partnership called Feel Good Football with the leading youth football development league in Dublin, the DDSL.

This collaboration marks a significant partnership within the grassroots football community, as two iconic Dublin brands join forces to support increasing participation in youth football and a specific focus on bringing a sense of fun back to the sport as well as creating pathways to welcome new players to the league and keep them actively involved, especially young females as well as taking on the culture and behaviours that negatively impact kids and create barriers to progress.

As part of this official partnership, Q102 will actively engage and work with the DDSL, it’s clubs and the football community, providing extensive coverage of league events, player highlights, and behind-the-scenes stories using its multi platform offering across FM listeners, digital streaming and incredible access to Q102’s social channels.

Through on-air promotions, digital platforms, and live broadcasts, Q102 aims to amplify the excitement surrounding youth soccer in Dublin and spotlight the dedication and passion of young athletes.

“We are delighted to partner with the Dublin District Schoolboys & Girls League, to create FeelGood Football, said Vivienne Nagle, Managing Director, Q102 ” We’re hugely aware of the importance of community engagement and the positive impact of sports on young people’s lives. Our aim is to support the development of local boys & girls and celebrate the achievements of young athletes in Dublin.

In conjunction with this partnership and the platform we will offer the DDSL, we have created the Feel Good Football campaign, where we aim to bring back the Feel Good factor to underage football and get more kids involved in playing the beautiful game.”

The DDSL, founded in 1943, has a rich history of nurturing soccer talent in Dublin with almost 3,000 teams and 45,000 players involved in 1,500 games every weekend. The DDSL plays a vital role in the grassroots soccer community, giving children all the benefits that sport brings to the development of our current and future generations.

“We are thrilled to partner with Q102,” said Niall O Driscoll, Chairman at the DDSL. “This collaboration represents a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of youth soccer in Dublin and inspire the next generation of players.

Together with Q102, we look forward to creating memorable experiences for our clubs, players, coaches, and supporters. Through this partnership, Q102 and the DDSL aim to inspire young athletes

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