As part of our new newsletter we want to give you some insights as to what’s been happening on the ground across our portfolio of stations. First up is Galway Bay FM who have been feeling a bit ‘giddy’ over the last couple of months with two unique and fun-filled on-air promotions.

Firstly, the station decided to shake up the entire daily programme schedule with a Santa Show Swap Day on Wednesday, December 20th. All the on-air presenter’s names went into the hat, and they were drawn out at random to present shows from 6am to midnight, nobody was safe! The results were hilarious, as the Current Affairs presenter ended up on a night-time music show, the Head of Sport link up with a member of the news team to present the Arts Show, the traditional Irish music presenter teamed up with the Breakfast Show presenter on a late-night Hip-Hop and Dance show and the Head of News did a classic-hits evening show.

Even the receptionist got involved singing the jingles and the CEO joined two male members of the news and sports team to chat for an hour on ‘Loose Men’ a whimsical take on ITV’s Loose Women. It created a real buzz with the station and was well received across Galway Bay FM’s listeners too with everyone getting in the festive mood.

In fact looking at digital listening figures on the 20th December compared to the same day the previous week with Reach up 32% and Active Session saw an increase of 40%. Now that’s Impressive!

Galway Bay FM was very innovative when it adopted a good-humoured approach to promotions by running the Mash Machine for January and February by parodying a similarly named competition that has dominated the programme schedule on several other radio stations for the last number of years.

In the Mash Machine, the presenters across the day on Galway Bay FM gave out an exact number of potatoes and listeners could win that number of spuds in the bag if they answer their phone within five rings and give the exact amount. If the phone isn’t answered, the number of potatoes in the Mash Machine increased the following week and, like the spuds, the excitement continued to grow weekly. It continued to be a bit of fun as listeners across the county got behind activation as you can see from the video below. Spuds or Cash it’s a no brainer!

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