When I was asked by my colleagues which advert sticks out in my mind over the years it had to be the Barry’s Tea – Christmas Train Set ad. I know it’s ridiculous to be talking about a Christmas advert in the middle of summer but here we are. It’s a cherished classic that is over twenty years old but still resonates deeply with Irish audiences today.

It captures the essence of the Christmas season through its warm and nostalgic storytelling as the narrator reminisces over some of the most memorable Christmas moments of his childhood. 

It perfectly encapsulates the feelings of awe and wonder we all had as a child hoping that we would get the gift we so badly wanted. And then the excitement when you wake up on Christmas morning and see that it was delivered and exclaim “you’ll never guess what Santa brought!” 

What is great about the story is how the narrator remembers his parents in the kitchen when he was a child. The voices of the past are brought in cleverly and are repeated by our character. The memories, sounds and voices intertwine into the script superbly.

 For me this ad beautifully captures intimate, heart-warming moments of Christmas time. Family and friends reuniting over a comforting cup of tea, emphasizing themes of togetherness and tradition. The ad’s emotional appeal lies in its ability to connect with the audience on a personal level, reminding them of their own cherished Christmas memories and the simple joys of sharing time with loved ones.

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