This month, we are exploring IKEA’s Kitchen Install Radio campaign, an ad that stood out for Ronan McConnell, Sales Associate with urbanmedia. The creative ability to captivate the listener with an unconventional approach is what distinguishes this ad and leaves a lasting impression.

He can’t stop raving about how IKEA’s simple yet clever creative approach is the recipe for success

I discovered this gem during a learning-waves workshop: Creative Audio Masterclass by Ralph Van Dijk .  Although the ad is clearly from an Australian campaign and I didn’t experience it through live broadcast, the first time I heard the ad it caught me off guard and got me thinking.

The ad unfolds in a school environment with a child recounting how his holiday went at the time when his parents were putting a new kitchen in. IKEA tested the boundaries by presenting the child’s retelling of the story through profanities, influenced by his parents struggling to assemble the kitchen. 

The ad cleverly highlights how IKEA now provides home installation services, eliminating the need for you to do it yourself and in turn taking away the stress that often results in explosions of profanities that little ears might pick up on (we’ve all been there!)

The ad creates a story that lends itself to real life situations in a funny and innovative way but gets its key message out in a clear and distinctive manner that creates a real point of difference in a cluttered media environment.

It says a lot about the brand, and this is why this particular ad stood out to me.

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