Radio advertising is a powerful business booster and enables businesses to reach people in an effective way. It’s mobile, multiplatform and you can listen to it anywhere at any time.

Our friends at the EGTA in Brussels have compiled 13 reasons why radio advertising boosts business:

1. Reach and listening – radio allows brands to reach millions of people on a daily basis. Ireland now has 3.2 million adults listening to radio every day.

2. Targetability – radio allows you to target the right people at particular times of the day with various types of content.

3. Multiplatform and mobile – radio is the most mobile medium – available on your phone, in your car, on your smartspeaker, laptop or tablet.

4. Companionship – radio in many cases around Ireland is left on, keeping people company as they go about their day.

5. Engagement – radio develops a strong relationship with its listeners. People feel that they really know the presenters. It brings communities together and advertisers have the opportunity to be a part of this space.

6. Multiplier – radio has a unique campaign multiplier effect in the media mix.

7. Activation and ROI – radio drives immediate activation and generates a strong ROI – this works extremely well for campaigns that need to air quickly such as the Dept of Taoiseach with a call to action.

8. Brand builder – radio can help your brand to grow.

9. Digital booster – radio drives traffic – our stations websites are up 54% when compared with this time last year to 8.8 million page views.

10. Recovery driver – radio helps brands in times of crisis to get their message across.

11. Creative, flexibility and agility – radio allows the advertiser to get creative with their message and change it, rerecord it and have it on air the following day. Not many other mediums can offer that.

12. Trust and safety – radio is a trusted medium. An IPSOS Survey last April showed radio in pole position with a trust reading of 7.9 out of 10 for all adults equaling the score for TV it also outperforms other media across the key 25-44 age demographic.

13. Innovation – audio innovations in ad tech and data create new and exciting opportunities.


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