Unruly have just released some really interesting research on how campaigns with Black Lives Matter messaging has been received. They looked at 4 ads in the US market for Nike, P&G, McDonalds and the NFL.

All four ads scored above the US norm of 39% for the percentage of viewers wanting to find out more. Nike and P&G both scored 54%, McDonald’s scored 50% and NFL scored 57%.

There were also positives around brand favorability, with Nike and NFL scoring 52%, McDonald’s scoring 53% and P&G scoring 51%, all well ahead of the normal levels.

The biggest emotion evoked was inspiration with 25% of viewers feeling inspired while watching Nike’s ad, 23% for McDonald’s, 28% for the NFL ad and 24% for P&G.

The key to success in these campaigns is making sure they’re about the movement and not the brand, something that these brands got right. This is highlighted by the brand recall levels for these campaigns, which were low ranging from 18% to a maximum of 45% for well established brands.



While a traditional marketing argument may argue that those numbers mean an unsuccessful campaign, it’s our belief that the opposite is true and shows that the brands were determined to highlight the issue of racism and the BLM movement, rather than just joining a movement to score some quick market share points.

Offering credible support and being part of a solution to create the change that is needed is something far more important in the long term than the initial brand recall numbers.


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Source Unruly – Unruly EQ Ad Testing

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