Radiocentre’s “Breaking out of the Bubble” virtual event this week saw some really interesting findings from Ebiquity which followed up on a piece they did back in 2018. 

They wanted to identify the truth about media effectiveness across ten different mediums. They also looked to establish the gaps that exist between the reality and the perception of advertisers and agencies on the effectiveness of these mediums.

There where four key phases:

  • Identify what advertisers and agencies consider the most important attributes that deliver brand growth in a recessionary period
  • Determine how each media performs against these (using Ebiquity research and data sets)
  • Contrast this with the views of advertiser and agencies on how they experience each media is performing
  • Provide overall ranking in relation to the value of the medium based on the evidence

There is a high degree of alignment between the two studies, with the five most important media attributes remaining the same. However it’s interesting to note increasing brand salience has moved to number 1 in 2020.

The study suggests the gap between perception over evidence is still significant, with both social media and online video appearing in the bottom half on the rankings in terms of evidence but in the top half when it comes to perception. With evidence that both these areas will see increased investment in 2021 it’s clear there’s still work to be done to balance the equation.

Some of the key findings for radio are:

  • Radio remains the second most valuable medium after TV for successful marketing in a recession
  • Perception of radio is catching up with the reality in certain attributes (targeting, building brand salience etc..), meaning its overall perception ranking has moved from 6th to 3rd.
  • This seems to be influencing spend with 19% of advertisers planning to invest more in the medium in 2021 vs 2020, which is the highest shift of any traditional medium.

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Source : Radiocentre, Ebiquity

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