So who are the podcast generation and what do we know about them?

Sound Affects 2 – Audio Revival tells us that 41% of adults in Ireland and 67% of 18-34 year olds listen to a podcast on a weekly basis making the podcast generation an important part of the audio landscape.

We know podcasts are used to entertain and this rings through with 38% of listeners saying they’re most likely to listen to a comedy podcast. That increases for 56% in the 18-34 age group. We can also see from the popular genres such as true crime that people use them to inform them on more niche subjects.



In terms of listening moments 49% said they listen while working, with 47% saying they listened while walking and 46% during exercise so it’s definitely a complimentary listen. There’s also a connection built with 29% of listening adults saying that they consider their favourite podcast hosts as a friend.

21% of adults subscribe to a podcast which increases to 38% when we look at 18-34’s. We also see encouraging signs for a pay to listen model with 29% of the 18-34 listening demo saying they pay money to a podcaster’s patreon.



While the commercial model for podcasting is still being figured out it does feel like there’s a big opportunity for brands to get on board and create great audio content that suits their brand. In fact a recent study from WARC has suggested that podcasting is the most underinvested medium when it comes to balancing spend versus consumption.

While completing the research we tested a podcast piece in the true crime genre and reaction from that research has led to it going into full production. The Making Of A Detective tells the story of 5 of Ireland’s most notorious murder cases, told through the lens of the man who once solved them; Ex-Detective Inspector Pat Marry.

Premiering today, the series is a co-production with The Irish Sun. Hosted by urbanmedia’s Ian Doyle, episodes feature step-by-step accounts of how justice was ultimately served, with interviews from victims’ friends and family, Pat’s former colleagues in the force, and The Irish Sun’s Stephen Breen to help tell these stories one by one.

Pat’s story begins with the tragic 2004 death of Rachel Callaly by her husband Joe O’Reilly in their home in The Naul, North Co Dublin. The episode features in-depth interviews with Rachel’s brother Paul who reveals his traumatic account of the investigation and media circus that followed.

You can listen right now below, on Spotify, Apple or wherever you listen to your podcasts!



Source: Sound Affects 2 (2021)


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