This week we’re looking at new listening habits for the working from home audience, something that was covered by Radiocentre UK in their briefing earlier this week.

While the data relates to the UK market it does provide some good links into what is happening in our own market.

The research carried out in January 2021 called ‘New ways of working. New ways of connecting’ found that since COVID many people have found they have developed a much more intimate relationship with radio. They also established that the majority of WFH audience are in the 25-54 age demo. Unsurprisingly given the pandemic they also work across a full spectrum of the professional industries like finance, education, professional services and government.


Other key facts that show the value of the audience included: 

  • 84% are ABC1
  • 63% own their own home
  • 23% own their property outright
  • The WFH audience has an income 45% greater than the national working average

When we look at a like for like comparison on the survey taken by Radiocentre in April 2020 we can now see that the number of people who say they’re listening to more radio has grown from 45% to 50% showing further increases in consumption.

Overall 89% of commercial radio listeners said they like to listen to the radio while working from home. The survey also found that 52% of people said they would look a product up online after hearing it on the radio. A combination of these two stats provides a huge opportunity for advertisers who can now reach listeners at a time they previously couldn’t with a desire and ability to react if what they hear is desirable to them.

There is also more disposable income at play with 63% of the WFH group surveyed saving money since the pandemic began as spending opportunities are limited. It’s no surprise to see takeaways, supermarket shops and alcohol have been the top spending sectors and there’s a big boost for local economies with the news that “shopping local” has risen from 31% to 46%.

Finally the pandemic has given people time to reflect on life priorities. 74% have been thinking about their work / life balance with 85% planning a significant life event. These range from holidays and home improvements to buying a new car but what is certain is there’s a desire to spend big once lockdown is behind us.

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Source : Radiocentre/DRG


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