Audio advertising content means that brands can reach people at times and in places that visual advertising can not and create a strong emotional connection and a sense of intimacy with the listener.

At the Future of Audio digital event last Thursday they identified three key trends and big development areas for 2021:

  1. Enhanced targeting
  2. Interactive audio
  3. Synchronised audio advertising

Enhanced targeting


Programmatic audio advertising allows for enhanced targeting, enabling brands to serve different ads to specific target audiences depending on certain data points like demo, location, interests and past purchases. It also allows you to adapt certain elements of audio such as voiceover or a call to action. This can be done in real time, something that other mediums can’t do. 
Corona beer used this targeting to their advantage in New Zealand last year delivering surf reports primarily on mobile within 20km of the nearest surf beach. The surf reports would speak directly about the conditions on that beach…all with thanks to Corona beer. This campaign enabled the delivery of 751,000 surf reports made up of 6,400 possible combinations of data in live real time to location targeted surfers. This proved a great success and they achieved a 99.6% listen through rate.




Interactive audio


Interactive audio has been enabled by the rapid adoption of smart speakers to everyone’s homes. Brands can now encourage listeners to react to adverts using voice commands.
30% of UK listening is now through voice activated speakers. As well as making adverts more engaging the interactivity drives performance of the advert by shortening the path to conversion.
Audi launched an interactive ad campaign that ran across commercial radio on smart speakers allowing listeners to react with a voice command to book a test drive with their local dealer.




Synchronised audio advertising


Digital audio works best when it’s used alongside other channels to reinforce a message making the third trend driving growth – synchronised audio. Digital audio can be coordinated with other formats such as OOH to boost engagement and drive performance.
Renewable energy supplier E.ON ran an ad campaign with the aim of encouraging customers to see them as an innovative energy provider. The campaign geofenced OOH sites displaying an E.ON poster and then corresponding audio ads to the listeners that passed by that area. The results were a 26% increase in brand consideration and four times more smart meter sign up than average.
The growth potential for digital audio this year is huge making it an exciting space to operate in. 
Urbanmedia’s digital offering is made up of our urban stations plus brand extensions such as Fit Mix, Hit Mix, Q102 80’s and LMFM County. With Irish specific content like Premier League Live we have a significant additional Irish audience on TalkSPORT, as well as irish listeners to Virgin Radio UK who include Chris Evans and Graham Norton on their roster. Our digital streams are going from strength to strength with well over 800,000 Total Listening Hours weekly. For more information on how your brand can feature on our digital stations please contact any of our team in urbanmedia.


Source: Future of Audio digital event


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