Did you hear Jose Mourinho got the sack from Spurs 6 days before the Cup Final? In a bizarre week for football you’d be forgiven for missing it as it became a sideline to the European Super League controversy that broke on Sunday night and sent shockwaves through football. 

As the owners of the so-called “big 6” from the Premier League signed up to join teams from Spain and Italy in a new Elite competition, almost every other element of the football community cried “ENOUGH”. Broadcasters, ex players, current players and managers and most importantly fans made sure that their voices were going to be heard. Football – the game founded on working class principles, had long ago become a business but this was a step too far.



As is often the case it was the reaction as opposed to the announcement where the real story was and nowhere was that more true than on talkSPORT. There was wall to wall coverage across Monday and Tuesday as presenters, experts and fans got to passionately air their views and discuss what this meant for the beautiful game. The superb content included presenters reporting live outside the Premier League grounds, as the fans gathered to protest,  breaking news and heartfelt speeches from presenters and analysis from ex professional players and owners like John Barnes and Simon Jordan.



However some of the most engaging radio was with die hard fans who rang in to express their views with passion and emotions, with both sides of the argument covered. The level of engagement was extraordinary with online figures for talkSPORT Ireland hitting record levels of listenership – active sessions were at 3 times that of an average April day and reach and total listening hours increased to more than 2.5 times.

TalkSPORT Listening Stats April 2021 – Source AdSwizz

Green – Total Listening Hours, Yellow – Active Streams, Purple – Reach 


What it proved is that football and the Premier League really matters to people in this country and there’s a massive demand for this content. If you’re one of our Premier League advertisers then you’ve benefited from this massive spike in engagement as your adverts played across these days to record audiences, if you’re not you can talk to us and we’ll show you how you can become one.

As for Jose, well watch this space because he’ll be joining talkSPORT for analysis across the summer for the EUROS. Now that could get interesting!


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