With more and more great audio content being made every day and numerous platforms and publishers trying to engage through audio, it’s no wonder we’re in the middle of an audio revival.

More choice has led to more audio consumption across all platforms. With control firmly in the hands of the consumer we expect to see even further increases in listening as people find new ways and new opportunities to enjoy content.

When we look at devices and channels alone there are 36 combinations available to the consumer. When you bring in genre and all audio options you are looking at thousands upon thousands of options so there’s something for everyone. 

As an example just look at the in-car choice which has expanded massively due to technology like Car Play and connected cars – it’s certainly a far cry from 6 presets and your favourite CD. The survey found 69% of radio listeners listen in the car, 28% of podcast listeners listen to podcasts in the car while 59% of music listeners listen to music in the car. This choice is replicated in the home and the workplace where connected devices have led to a proliferation of choice.



The research also explored how different dayparts suit different content and consumer needs. For instance live radio tends to peak in the morning hours, playback radio from mid morning to lunchtime, free music streaming early lunchtime to mid afternoon and paid streaming peaks in the late afternoon. Personal vinyl/CD listening and podcasts seem to skew towards the evening hours when people are relaxing during their downtime.



These insights open up opportunities for advertisers to delve further in terms of targeting specific dayparts depending on consumers audio choices and ultimately linking creative to the consumers state of mind. A perfect example is Harvey Norman’s use of our “Back Garden Festival” stream which we created in the absence of festivals across the summer. It gave them the perfect platform to reach these festival goers who are passionate about music and who want good quality devices to listen on. It allowed them to position themselves as the destination for party audio during the summer in a relaxed chilled out environment.


Source: Sound Affects 2 (2021)


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