Another key theme to come out of Sound Affects 2 was that trust is critical when it comes to why audio is so popular.

It’s clear that audio builds close relationships with its listeners and that trust plays a key part in those relationships.

In the survey 60% of those interviewed said radio is a trusted source of COVID-19 information. During the presentation of the research the government COVID spend on radio was cited as a great example of the power of radio. During the period of March to August 2020 the government spent 49% of their marketing budget on radio campaigns to get the key messages out to the general public. This strategy led to Ireland being voted number one in the world when it came to effective covid communication during that period.



A key element of that trust appears to be the relationship with the presenter. A third of respondents said that they felt like radio presenters are their friends with nearly half of them saying that they would be sad if a radio presenter left a show they liked. 29% also felt like podcast presenters were their friends showing that trust also plays a big part in that genre. There’s genuine relationships built between listener and presenter with FM104 presenter Emma Nolan sharing her own story of how sad she was as a teenager when hearing about her favourite presenter leaving a show. This has helped her develop her own relationship with her own audience. 



Another interesting finding was that 68% of people say they have recommended a piece of audio they have heard to a family or friend. The most popular recommendation is a song but there were also recommendations for individual pieces of content, humorous pieces, news and current affairs pieces and podcasts. 

Commercial messages can benefit from being placed in a trusted environment with the messages from advertisers more likely to be accepted due to their surroundings. It’s another huge positive for audio with increased consumption and high levels of trust providing a myriad of marketing opportunities both digitally and on traditional FM frequencies.


Source: Sound Affects 2 (2021)


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