What are the key communication strategies for advertisers in the current environment?

People will remember those companies and brands who did the right thing; who helped and were visible (and audible); and those companies and brands will come out stronger, more valued and relevant.

Memory structures are more powerful now than ever before, getting the correct communication strategy is vital.  

Tone is key. This is a matter of tone and behaviour for all brands, they can’t be seen to be crass or opportunistic, or profiting from a crisis.

It is time to embody the “good corporate citizen role”; to contribute not take.


  • Know your role – what are you good at and valued for? 

  • Be available and reachable – if required. 

  •  Listen to what people are saying about your brands.   

  • Be calm, human and understanding – clarity is vital.

  • Set aside competitive differences – teamwork and collaboration. 

  • Lighten the mood – if possible. 

  • How are you helping? – what clear benefits are you offering? 

  • Is it appropriate? 

Source : Brands & COVID-19 BBH
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