The JNLR’s ‘Radio in a Digital World’ report, compiled by Ipsos/ MRBI from the most recently published listenership data, shows that listening to Irish radio stations via digital devices is growing. 

Currently 8% of the population, or 330,000 people,  listen each day using a digital device. The research also shows that younger audiences are listening to radio in significant numbers. In the 15-24 age group, and despite the intensively competitive media environment, almost 7 in 10 listen to Irish radio every day.

Despite the proliferation of media content, platforms and devices, the research shows that Irish radio has maintained its significant impact on Irish audiences over the years. This report shows that 3.2 million people in Ireland now listen to radio each weekday – 81% of the 15+ population. 

When it comes to looking at how people are listening on digital devices 77% have radio on their TV, 77% have access to radio on their mobile phone, 70% on their PC or laptop and 32% say they can access on a smart speaker. 20% of all adults also say they have downloaded a radio station app to their smart device.

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