Graham Norton kicked off his new radio show on Virgin Radio last weekend. The veteran entertainers show runs Saturday and Sundays from 9.30 am to 12.30pm each week.

As Graham put it himself “This is it…new station, new year, new show, sadly the same old me as the jingle indicated. I’m Graham Norton and I’m here for the next three hours or so and tomorrow as well. Fair warning, we’ve got a bit of rambling chat, a couple of guests and of course some great music.”

His first weekend included some amazing guests and a great mix of music that provided the perfect soundtrack to brighten up what otherwise could have been a drab and dreary lockdown weekend. It was clear that this was a presenter who was enjoying himself and his new surroundings, and this came across brilliantly on air. His new found freedom to, as he described it, “push buttons” and drive his own show brought an energy and freshness that took the show to a new level.



It was an incredible start to the new show for Wireless UK. Having monitored connected listening, they were able to get a real sense of the impact of the show.


Connected listening exceeded all expectations with total listening hours across Saturday and Sunday way up, plus the shows before and after increasing too, underlining the halo effect for the rest of the schedule.

Big things are expected and as a native of Cork and one of Ireland’s best loved personalities and presenters we’ll be interested to see what sort of numbers it will do this side of the water. Watch this space.

Tune in to the Graham Norton Radio Show every Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am – 12.30pm on Virgin Radio. You can listen to the show ad-free on DAB, online, via the free Virgin Radio app or on your smart speaker. Click here for more information.

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