Creative Empathy

Over the last week Ad Week 2020 has been hitting our homes and offices with virtual events bringing us marketing, media, technology, and creative industry insights to drive change and hopefully, aid recovery after such a dramatic few months. Datasine published an interesting piece of research looking at the pressure points facing marketers.

A Word in Your Ear

It seems like a lifetime since lockdown began, and we wanted to look at how audio consumption has changed over this period. Audio played a major part of our lives pre-COVID with the drive time listeners, the public transport podcaster and the pavement pounder looking to stay informed or for a bit of escapism on the way to and from work.

Retail: Key Steps to Success

In a recent Radiocentre webinar they discussed how high street retail has experienced the biggest fall in sales since records began with many retailers being forced to close temporarily, or in some cases permanently, since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Adapting To Change

While COVID-19 has caused massive upheaval to the global economy and job markets, it has also led to an upward trend in the number of people looking to start new ventures and businesses adapting their offerings.

A New Retail Experience

The reopening of retail stores across the country will be a massive boost for the economy, with retail experts claiming over 100,000 people hit the streets of Dublin for some retail therapy on Monday.

Strength of Radio During a Pandemic

Why is radio so strong in the midst of this pandemic? We’ve seen massive increases year on year on our digital stream listening hours up by +61%. Engagement on our websites has also grown significantly with total website pageviews up by 168%. Below are some of the reasons why people are tuning in to radio.